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Liferay Recognized by Gartner
Liferay Recognized as Social Context Provider for Enterprises
Tags: gartner, social software

In a recent blog, Ross Dawson, CEO of Advanced Human Technologies, notes Liferay is identified by Gartner as a viable solution for bringing social computing into the enterprise. Ross also shares several key observations made by David Cearley at the Gartner Symposium in Sydney:

  • Social context - such as reviews, ratings, and feedback - can deliver high value. The gestation period has been from the beginning of this decade, but we are reaching an inflexion point and are moving into a phase of accelerated development.
  • This will impact the enterprise as customers and stakeholders are involved, meaning there isn't a choice as to whether you're involved. It also can be applied inside the enterprise.
  • Company websites will increasingly have social elements. Competitors will engage in social networks, and there is the potential for first-mover advantage.
  • We are at the beginning of a 5-10 year transition. Any digital immigrant that does not fully assimilate will experience significant personal and career challenges.
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