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Website Content Management Overview

Benefits for the whole company

  • Faster time to Web with streamlined site creation and update processes
  • Reduced costs for building and managing a numerous, frequently changing Web site
  • Professional navigation based on website accessibility standards
  • More effective communication using customized and dynamic micro sites
  • Efficient reuse of applications and content
  • Brand consistency across all Web and application touch points
  • Consolidated dozens of Web properties into a single managed environment to drive down operational expenses
  • Empowerment to business users to manage their own content for faster changes with less process overhead

Familiar to your customers

Ethos provides easy tools to target different client segments with different versions of the website’s original material. Ethos Multi-template engine helps present different designs of the same content to different customers. A multi-lingual engine presents content translated to the visitor in his own language. Ethos also provides the ability to create micro-sites for different countries, branches or products.

Ethos forces content to be displayed in a certain format that complies with World Wide Web standards. People will be able to surf easily, accompanied with built-in tools like search, sitemaps and related items to make navigation smoother. Speed and interactivity flow with surfing to insure a perfect visit.

Ethos helps visitors share their experience through blogs, wikis and forums. Visitors have the option to print friendly versions of articles, send them to friends or export them in other formats.

Ethos adapts your website to the visitor’s browsers. When a visitor accesses it from a mobile device, it will adapt the screen to an optimized mobile format.

Everybody Contributes

Ethos empowers different company departments to contribute to the website. Employees serving a certain geographic location can contribute to the website sections that target customers in this location. Technical support experts will be able to reply to customer inquiries in the support forums. Human resources department can publish vacancies and training material in seconds. Marketing department can post latest material and sales collateral online with a click of a button.

When the website is edited easily, everybody becomes encouraged to contribute. Multi-administrators are then managed by a simple workflow and an alert system to keep track of the published material.

Not only Content

Ethos gives you a single interface to manage your website. A Form Builder helps you develop complicated online forms easily. A Multimedia Manager helps you publish and play any type of media online without the need for any software download. A Document Manager helps you publish files and set accessibility to a certain user or user groups. Marketing Tools like newsletters, banner management and online surveys help companies retain visitors. In Ethos, you can also link any page or topic to Interactive Tools like forums, chat rooms and comments.

All Ethos functionalities are linked to a robust access management system. Single profile for all the functionalities above helps the user sign- in once and use all additional functionalities provided by the webmaster.

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