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Document Management Overview

Image ETHOS Document Management solutions provide organizations with all the services necessary for creating, converting, managing, and sharing electronic documents. Built on industry-standard platforms, ETHOS solutions ensure completeness, validity, traceability, and inalterability of important documents ranging from employment and maintenance contracts to purchase agreements and collaboration agreements with a business partner. Additional features include version management, search capabilities, and visual representation of relationships and dependencies.

  • Streamlined, automated lifecycle management
  • Fast, easy access to searchable content
  • Mitigated risk thorough audit trails and use histories

General Features:

  • Indexing and full text search
  • Locking, check in/out
  • Offline briefcase synchronization to access content offline
  • Taxonomy and categorization of content
  • Advanced search with combined metadata, location and multi-category search
  • Advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Composite document by logically grouping various content
  • Preview feature with presentation templates
  • Soft deletes and deleted documents recovery support
  • Scheduled jobs and actions
  • Full audit control
  • Security and version control
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