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Enterprise Portals Overview
Our Enterprise Portals Platform helps you achieve three goals:

1. To make it easier for different constituencies to do business with your firm by providing them the tools, information, and resources they need to achieve their goals. These constituencies probably include different types of customers (by customer segment), different groups of employees (by roles), distribution partners and other business partners (your bankers, marketing partners, etc.), suppliers, government agencies and/or regulators, investors, and so on.

2. To rationalize your existing Internet, intranet, and extranet Web sites in order to reduce duplication of effort.

3. To transform your business
processes and IT infrastructure by redesigning from the outside-in while you refine customer-impacting business processes and rearchitect IT to leverage common application services.

We also believe that your portal initiatives and your e-business initiatives should be tightly coordinated with your customer experience initiatives— including CRM, contact centers, Point of Sale (POS) and in-store navigation, channel partners, inventory availability, billing, quoting, service, delivery, and so on—as well as with your customer profitability analysis.
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