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Fastest Growing Independent Digital Marketing Group in the Middle East

Ethos KMS Group is the biggest independent digital marketing and communications network in the Middle East. We are Agile, Young and Digitally Native to help our markets lead and innovate delivering positive business results for many global and local brands. More

Our Brands

Ethos Interactive

Creatively Led, Digitally Native, Humanly Centered

Ethos Interactive is a full-service Communication agency. Ethos creates creative communication across all conventional and interactive channels for major global and national brands like Netflix, American Express, McDonald's.

Oners Media


Using data and adtech, ONERS combine Content, Media and Audience in ONE seamless experience to build a one-off brand story. ONERS combine data science with our knowledge of emerging trends to deliver performance breakthroughs. Combining speed and agility, ONERS help clients unlock new revenue streams and increase their relevance for a new generation of customers.


Branding | Digital Product Development

Enabled by technology and fueled by creativity, Vimitiv is a branding agency blending digital considerations seamlessly with physical ones to build demand for a new product. We build brands that develop meaning, value, and purpose with every touchpoint.


Proximity Marketing | Field Service Management

Proxmer Marketing Solutions allows marketers and developers to quickly innovate and integrate the latest proximity and field management technologies into their customer experiences and internal processes.

Our Affiliates


Software and Mobile Development

Software is at the heart of Netvariant! Whatever your business needs, Netvariant can develop excellent bespoke software to energize your business, customers and staff with serious efficiency. (Just so you know, They are true experts in Java SE, Java EE, Groovy and C).


Value and Demand Generation

Value is competitive and distinctive advantage driving profitability and sustainable growth. Chisel examines carefully what constitutes real value of investors and end users by using tested methodologies using their value driven brand development framework.


Content Marketing | Branded Entertainment | Production

Nuwat is a local content agency based in Saudi Arabia. Nuwat is at the core of the group storytelling and branded content development.

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