The creative digital consultancy

One Partner across multiple disciplines.

Ethos KMS Group is the Middle East’s leading multi-disciplined agency known for pioneering digital transformation, data-driven marketing, best in class content production, along media, technology and business consulting expertise.


As a strategic partner, we assess market trends and needs, and act on data-driven insights that contribute greater value and measurable results across the enterprise.


As customer champions, Ethos helps identify customers’ unmet needs. Using data and technology, we deliver exceptional, personalized experiences across channels and even ecosystems.


As visionaries, we help you instill a customer-centric philosophy across the enterprise that’s manifested through creativity, innovation, collaboration and governance. This dynamic vision is continually refreshed by soliciting ideas from employees, ecosystems and customers.

Centers of Excellence

Fastest Growing Independent Digital Marketing Group in the Middle East

We are Agile, Young and Digitally Native to help our markets lead and innovate delivering positive business results for many global and local brands.

Ethos excels across channels and across borders through its diverse Centers of Excellence and has more than 100 production, technology and communications experts in 5 offices throughout the Middle East.